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Changes the CG00 quest and CG00SCRIPT quest script to allow you to create mods that start the player from a new location.

This is a modder's resource only! If you are a player looking for a mod that changes the starting location and character generation process (by skipping the tutorial, for example) but that uses the Fallout 3 universe, search for 'alternate start' mods.

This mod is designed specifically for modders creating total conversions who need to be able to specify a starting location in a custom world space that completely bypasses the vanilla tutorial and quest line. This WILL break the main quest and tutorial because it overrides the starting quest and its attached script. If you are creating a total conversion, this shouldn't affect your mod, but you won't be able to use this script/quest to interface with the vanilla wasteland or mods based on the vanilla storyline.

Note that this script hasn't been extensively tested (although it seems to work ok for my mods) but I am not a scripter and could easily have overlooked something or gone about it the wrong way. Feel free to use this script as a base from which to develop your own custom start quest and character generation process.

How to Use It

The attached plugin includes a test world space with an XMarkerHeading called aaaPlayerStartMarker. To create a new starting location, just create a new XMarkerHeading at the desired location, give it any RefId you like and change the line in the CG00 quest stage 0 result script that reads

player.moveto aaaPlayerStartMarker

to match the name of your new starting location. All of the default options for creating your character have been kept (race, SPECIAL points, TagSkills, etc.) but feel free to customize it any way you like. Inventory items are added at stage 100. It's pretty self-explanatory, but don't delete any of the variables in the script or change the order or number of quest stages unless you know what you're doing. The timing of these things is very important, as I discovered when writing it. I tried to keep the quest/script as simple as possible so that it could be customized to suit any sort of TC. No special frills here. :)

Limitations on Use

Credit is always nice, but not necessary. I really just made this for my own use and uploaded in response to a post on the forum. I'm sure a real scripter could do a much better job of it. Use it however you like.


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