Farm Resources v1.01

Farm Resources are architectural meshes you can use to add immersion to your farms: a chicken coop, and a small shed. Both come in two varieties: version one uses stock textures and version two uses custom textures. Both versions of both models include *_far.nifs for VWD purposes (so they show up in the distance).

I created the chicken coop mesh specifically for use in conjunction with Mr. Siikas' chickens (from Farm Animals of Cyrodiil). The full-size hens and roosters have no difficulty getting up and down the planks, but the chicks do because they are so small. I find that using extra path nodes on the planks helps. I also recommend you dress it up a bit with the DUNhay static.

Note that these meshes do not block weather or lighting. That is an engine limitation, not a problem with the meshes.

I appreciate any and all feedback, especially if you can suggest better or more efficient ways of constructing meshes or textures. There's still a lot left for me to learn!


Future Plans

Add an animated door.


Extract the meshes and textures to your data directory. To use the meshes, you will have to create new static objects in the Construction Set and then add them to your mod. The *_far.nifs don't need to have objects created, but you will have to tick the Visible When Distant flag on your object reference in the CS and generate LOD objects to get them to appear. (Or use some alternate means of generating LOD objects.)


Delete the offending nifs and textures from your data\meshes\Magician and data\textures\Magician directories.

Tools Used



This is a modders' resource, so feel free to use any portion of it in your mods or just to spice up your Vanilla landscape. You may alter the meshes and textures to suit your own needs and preferences, but please mod responsibly: Give credit where credit is due. You may not sell these resources under any circumstances!


Screenshots - In-Game

The chicken coop Chicken coop interior Tool shed

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