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Allegorithmic's MaPZone is a free procedural texture editor that can be used to create photo-realistic, seamlessly tiling textures. MaPZone has a very steep learning curve, but once you know what you're doing, it can be a very powerful alternative to photo-sourcing or hand-painting textures. This site contains tutorials and reference information to get you started with this amazing program. The MaPZone editor is free to use, and all of the textures you generate with it can be used and distributed freely in your own projects.


Substance: Allegorithmic's latest incarnation of their procedural fx technology is known as Substance, which is a suite of powerful (and expensive) development tools. Substance is targetted squarely at professional CG artists and game developers but there is a trial version available of Substance Designer, the material editor used to create the new fx maps.


  1. Introduction to MaPZone
  2. Using FX-MaPs
  3. Creating an In-game Texture


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