Welcome to the Oblivion portal. Here you will find links to all of my tutorials, mods, and projects for Oblivion.

Tutorials & Data

  1. Modding Oblivion: Introduction to Oblivion Modding (for beginners) (WIP)
  2. Custom Tilesets for Oblivion (WIP)
  3. Animation Data and Notes
  4. Cell Reference Counts and Performance in Oblivion
  5. Random world space data for Oblivion (file size, fps impact for cell ref count, etc.)


  1. Shrieking Bolete, custom creature mod
  2. Stealthy Absorbs and Drains, magic gameplay tweak
  3. Farm Resources, custom architectural statics


  1. Balzu: A Dark Fantasy
  2. The Curse of Sengray Island

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