The Curse of Sengray Island

Update: This project has been incorporated into Balzu, my custom world mod, as a quest. Unfortunately, I lost all the work I had put into this mod in a hard drive crash so the quest will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

The Curse of Sengray Island is a quest for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion set on a remote island in the Balzu universe. The mod will consist of one medium-sized island and several smaller islands, two large dungeons, one village, over twenty NPCs, hundreds of lines of (unvoiced) dialog, one main story-line quest, and several small quests. The mod takes place in its own worldspace; the player will access this worldspace via a quest-giver on the mainland. Anticipated play time is about 5-8 hours, although this is just speculative at this point.

Required Mods

CoSI includes hundreds of lines of unvoiced dialogue, so if you want to be able to read it, I recommend you install something like Elys' Universal Silent Voice (requires OBSE). If you don't, the text will flash by so quickly that you won't have time to read it, and you will miss out on a lot of interesting background information and important story elements.

Although I tried to avoid creating any dependencies on the Shivering Isles expansion when I began the mod, critical parts of the story could not be adequately represented without content taken from it, therefore, it is required as well. My apologies to those of you who do not have it yet.

NPCs and Dialog

The dialog options in CoSI have been expanded somewhat from vanilla Oblivion to resemble something more like those found in Morrowind. Each NPC will have something different to say about any topic that appears in his or her topic list, but for the most part, this dialog has been included to add color and interest to interactions with NPCs, or to provide additional back-story or detail, not to make it difficult to make progress in the main quest. Don't feel obligated to read everything that the inhabitants have to say about their island or about each other. On the other hand, if you feel stuck or confused, it may pay to spend a bit of time getting to know them better. Some of them may have small quests to offer you, too, if you're feeling particularly helpful.


CoSI is designed from the ground up to be a group endeavor. That does not mean that you will have to have companions before you begin the quest in order to complete it, only that I have made certain design decisions based on the assumption that, for the majority of the quest, the player will have at lease one companion. Certain companions will be provided through developments in the plot, and are intended to be temporary companions only, assisting the player in the completion of certain tasks. Other NPCs have been designed specifically to make interesting companions if the player possesses Talkie Toaster's Companion Share and Recruit mod, or Cutthroat Mods' Partners Basic Mod. If you do not possess either, you will still have the benefit of the companions provided by CoSI for certain stages of the quest, although you may find other parts of the mod more challenging. (This is the plan, at least, although much of it is still in development.)

Progress Meter

Exterior cells. Includes heightmap editing, landscape texturing, vertex shading, static object placements, actor/encounter spawnpoints, and path grids. Total worldspace surface area covers about 400 cells (land and surrounding water). 29%
Interior cells. Includes static placements, actor/encounter spawnpoints, and path grids. 11%
NPCs. Includes stats, custom classes, factions, and AI routines. 15%
Dialog. Includes all dialog not directly integrated with quests. 5%
Quests. Includes all quest-related dialog, journal entries, marker placements, and quest scripts. 3%
Miscellaneous Includes all custom leveled lists, items and spells and accompanying scripts, map markers and world maps, Distand LOD textures and meshes, and external mod integrations. 11%


CoSI is a WIP, so the screenshots may not perfectly reflect the release version.

An island of mystery Far from the mainland Shady glen
Bubbling stream Ancient ruins An old curse is about to be renewed
A quiet place to live, once... A place with a past Work in progress
Marshland White sand beaches Nice night for a stroll
New dungeon Spelunking, anyone? What lurks beneath...?


The general size and shape of the map was created using the Construction Set's heightmap editor. All exterior cells are then extensively modified using the landscape editor. Although I have used automatic region generation in other projects, I have elected not to use it in CoSI: all trees, rocks, etc., are being hand-placed, a task involving thousands of statics and hundreds of hours of labor.

There is already a sequel to CoSI in the planning stages using characters and story elements from the first mod.

Last updated July 19, 2011

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