Deer Point

Update: Due to an unfortunate hard drive crash, I lost all the work I had put into this mod. My indie game project, Shudder, is similar in mood and style to what I had planned for this mod, so hopefully nothing important will be lost.

Deer Point is a Fallout 3 mod set in Canada. The locations are fictional, but the setting roughly corresponds to the 'cottage country' of central and northern Ontario around the Greak Lakes. In contrast to the Wasteland's barrenness, Deer Point is rugged, forested (albeit, dead), and wet, with numerous small lakes, rivers, and wetlands. (Which will not be radioactive.)

My goal in creating Deer Point is to emphasize the isolation and horror of the post-apocalyptic world away from the centers of civilization. Ammo and rations (and, indeed, settlements) will be less common, and consequently encounters will acquire a slightly more 'survival horror' feel. (Of course, there are limitations to the amount of tension you can create with an engine that supports massively armed players and VATS, but, meh.)

Story, atmosphere, and characterization will be very important elements of this mod. I plan on exploring lighting and sound to a greater extent in this mod than I have in previous mods and developing characters (NPCs) and stories (quests) a little more fully than vanilla FO3 does. Hopefully, the people you meet in Deer Point will seem a little more lifelike and real, and capable of more fully-developed relationships through a slightly broader range of role-playing options.

Progress Meter

Deer Point is following a somewhat different development plan from the one used for Curse of Sengray Island. CoSI started from a fairly ambitious idea for a quest mod with multiple layers spanning multiple levels. Subsequently, development time proved to be enormous and the work became tedious and ground to a halt before I could complete it.

Deer Point is following a more free-form development, starting with a very small number of cells and expanding outward from there. This way, I can release updates incrementally instead of having to complete the entire project in one go. Over time, I can expand the number of cells, add new locations like towns and dungeons, and add NPCs with interesting dialogue options and unique quests. Keeping it small initially allows me to release content in a more timely manner and get feedback on my work immediately.

Exterior cells. Number of completed cells. (Released versions will have full LOD for these cells.) 9
Interior cells. Number of interior locations. Used for small, single-use interiors, like homes and shops. 1
Dungeons. Number of dungeons. Used for medium to large areas. Small abandoned buildings (like a home) with enemy spawns are included in the Interior cells category. 0
NPCs. Number of NPCs with full dialogue options and AI schedules. 0
Quests. Number of quests. 0
Miscellaneous Number of unique items. Covers custom content, like models, textures, etc. 0

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Deer Point Deer Point Deer Point

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