The LOD land mesh is obscuring the actual landscape

This image demonstrates two common LOD errors you will get if you don't regenerate LOD after making changes to a vanilla worldspace. The most obvious error is the presence of 'ghost' trees: floating LOD tree billboards that get left behind when you move a tree in a vanilla worldspace. The low-resolution ground surface in the middle of the image is actually the LOD land mesh. There is actually a large crater in this area but you can't see it because the LOD mesh is obscuring it. If you try to walk on this landscape, you will pass through it and see the actual landscape below. This kind of error is often referred to as 'phantom landscape'. In the image below, you can see how the landscape actually looks after regenerating the LOD landscape mesh.

The landscape is once again visible after regenerating the LOD


Last updated October 3, 2011

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