MaPZone Resources on the Web

Sadly, there are not a lot of MaPZone resources available on the net, and some of the resources that I used when I was learning are no longer available. I have listed the best resources I could find but if you happen to know of a resource I'm not aware of, please let me know. All of them have been very helpful in assisting me to understand this fabulous program. Many thanks to all of the contributers!

  1. Official MaPZone2 tutorials.
  2. MaPZone official forums.
  3. Jérémie Noguer.
  4. BelYo's YouTube video tutorials. I just discovered these. They're great, go check them out!
  5. Creating normal maps from greyscale height maps This may also be of use.
gamedev images are back! Thanks to Drew Sikora at for restoring the images for their MaPZone tutorial. It's one of the best MaPZone tutorials out there. It's great to have it back!

I've preserved the links for a couple of dead resources here just to give their creators credit on a job well done. Thank you!

  1. Shawn Kirsch. (Sorry, dead link.)
  2. Milkshapezombie. (Sorry, dead link.)

Last updated October 30, 2011

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