World Space Statistics for Oblivion

These are just some random statistics I've compiled about creating and testing large custom world spaces. This is not 'rigorously tested' data generated in pristine conditions, but should provide useful approximations for others.

World Space Size and File Size

These mods contain only heightmap data and a single world space reference. Does not include LOD.

Cell Reference Count and FPS

With 0 objects / cell and Ampol's Low ENB Settings and Stutter Remover, the mod ran at a steady 30fps with occasional dips to 24fps (loading/unloading quads?) and one dip to 17fps. (This was on my old rig with a 512GB Radeon card, 2GB Ram, single-core processor. I'll get some new data for my new rig, soon.) Does not include LOD.

Follow this link for more information about cell reference counts and performance in Oblivion.

Time to Traverse

A character with a Speed of 40 and 0 Encumbrance took 10 min to run from one end of the map to the other (64 cells) on a flat surface.

Mod File Size and Save Time

The 1.36MB mod took a couple of minutes to save, even without any objects added!

Last updated July 20, 2011

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